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Your Game Journey Awaits
Our studio provides highly creative 2D and 3D game art services, be it for large projects or small indie studios alike. With methodical concept art and attention to detail, we strive to align with your vision and aid you in your game creation quest.
Quest Fox is a game art studio, created firstly out of passion for games and by artists who worked in the industry. We understand the game context as we’ve played numerous titles ranging from AAA to the very end obscure indie niche and roguelikes. Our quest is to be a trustworthy companion in the entire development cycle and on various platforms such as Mobile, PC, and Console games. Our fortes are: high standards art quality, flexible and adaptable art style, highly organized project management, clear and effective communication.
Our outsourcing game art studio offers a wide array of game art services, which includes 2D and 3D art and animation that give life to unique characters and fantastic environment design with the help of great concept art.
The satisfaction of a well-done project is one of the biggest rewards for us. Hear what our clients have to say:

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