For those reading this letter,
Quest Fox Studio is seeking CODE ADVENTURERS!

Your journey has been hard and arduous, but rewarding.
You have made it.
Now new possibilities dawn upon your path.

Quest Fox Studio has also started the journey almost 1 year ago and we continue to grow, that is why we are seeking new friends to team up with us. We develop game graphics be it 2D or 3D as well as other non-gaming related cool stuff, such as animations for ESA (European Space Agency) among other things.

We are a studio based in the EU, Romania
and you can see more about us at

Here's what you can expect
✨ Learn and Grow
You'll have the opportunity to delve into a multitude of game development aspects, including GUI, gameplay, networking, graphics (2D/3D), tools development, and much more. It will be an excellent proving ground to expand your skills and become a versatile game developer.
✨ The Best of Both Worlds
Our projects are a mix of gaming and non-gaming projects. From developing captivating games to tackling exciting challenges in other domains, you'll never have a dull moment. Expect a dynamic and diverse experience that will keep your passion ignited.
✨ Be a Core Developer
As a valued member of our team, you'll be the heart and soul of our development force. Whether you become the entire, half, or a third of the developer-core team, you'll enjoy the freedom of implementation and code ownership.
✨ Architect Your Way
Goodbye hand-holding and hello to the freedom of code architecture! We trust in your thought-process and give you the creative liberty to design and implement solutions in a way that best suits your vision. For better or for worse, you will (mostly) be independent in finding solutions to problems. (It's a double edged sword, really!)
✨ Influence Game Design
As we will embark on the journey of developing our own indie games (coming soon!), your input will be welcomed. It's actually a team effort of game design, art, and code so everyone has a voice and participation over the project.
✨ Escape the Corporate Grind
Avoid having your joy for programming being crushed and grinded by the cogs of big corporate tech with senseless mundane tasks and meetings (trust us, we've been there!)
✨ For starters, we will work fully remote and potentially shift towards an office-based setup later on.
Some traits you need to be armed with for this Quest (no pun intended!)
✨ Personal projects
You constantly work on your own projects and touch several tech stacks / always curious to learn and experiment (very important!).
✨ Organized
You consider yourself to be an organized and tidy person. You always plan ahead before starting to code and keeps the greater image always in view.
✨ Knowns juggling
You don't mind juggling several projects if needed (thou we try to keep things sequential).
✨ Not a perfectionist
You're courageous as a lion (Cheetah works too thou) and not afraid to fail - failings are but stepping stones to a better self, if you're willing to learn from them!
✨ Can act alone
You're not afraid to work independently and solve problems on your own.
Tell us your story
✨ How did your programming journey begin and what made you love it?
✨ Describe projects you have been personally involved in and outline your contributions to them (contests, game jams, personal projects, etc.).
✨ What are your hobbies and activities that you really enjoy doing (can be anything!)?

All done?